Some Tourist Activities that can be in Ubud


Some Tourist Activities that can be in Ubud – In the tourist area of ​​Ubud in addition to the famous culture and art, it turns out many things can be done in Ubud, local businessmen are using the natural conditions around ubud as a place of tourism activities. Nature and culture support this business activity, from the river ayung, rice fields and social conditions of Ubud community.

Here are some tourism activities in Ubud

Rafting on the Ayung River

River is famous for Rafting activities, precisely located in the Village kedewatan and Bongkasa, Ayung River is suitable for beginners because enter category 2 and 3. Provider many tedapat along the road Kedewatan to Payangan. Biasane Package rafting already get pickup and lunch, Interesting things that can get when doing rafting in the river ayung, you can see the beautiful scenery on the right left of the river that many in decorate coconut trees, hills and trees. And you can see relayfr Ramayana carving on the rock cliff.

Cycling at Ubud’s Rice Edge

This activity is much preferred by tourists, because in addition to getting sweat, tourists can also see the activities of the people around while working in the fields. In addition, tourists can enter the village residents of Ubud. In ubud there are many bike rental providers, but more you take the cycling package because it will be accompanied by the guide and the track can get to kintamani If you do with the group make sure it will be more fun, in addition to save costs. Usually cycling activities are done in the morning, you can see the sun rising when in the fields.

Culinary Tour in Ubud

Restaurant or restaurant in Ubud has many famous, you can find easily restaurant in Ubud, which has many presents typical food, america, europe and asia. For the menu is usually the famous fried duck, pork guling, chicken rice and grilled ribs. In the Kedewatan area is famous for its rice dishes Kedewatan, in Sanggingan restaurant naugty that serves grilled ribs, there are rice field bebek restaurants, Bale shrimp, and Babi guling Bu Oka and many more famous restaurants, of course you can free culinary tour at Ubud.

Cooking class of Balinese cuisine

Many restaurants and hotels make class cooking for tourists. Biasnya material about typical Balinese cuisine, such as lawar, satay lilit, fried rice, yellow rice and gado gado. Restaurant casa luna and The Paon have often served cooking classes. Usually tourists who learn to cook first will be invited to market to buy the need for cooking class. This activity is done from the morning, and after that tourists will be taught mixing spices and cooking which is guided by the instructor.

Road to Mongkey Forest

The area of ​​mongkey forest is home to many monkeys, monkeys are free to roam, tourists are usually happy to photograph this activity. The area is about 27 hectares. Inside mongkey forest there is temple and atmosphere cool and beautiful. But you have to be careful bus monkey here often nosy Location mongkey forest usually in place of prewedding, Mongkey forest you must visit if holiday to Ubud.

Visiting Museum in ubud

In Ubud there are many museums that you can visit, usually near the castle ubud. The theme of the museum usually deals with art and painting. The famous museum in ubud is the famous Antonio Blanco Museum almost to the corner of the world. There is also a Puri Lukisan museum that presents lukanasan Bali. Rudana Museum, Arma Museum, marketing museum and many more muesum in Ubud. Spend anad holiday time to ubud to visit muesum.

Watching Kecak Api Dance

Usually this activity is done at night, in Ubud usually many places that present this show. In addition to seeing kecak fire dance you can also see legong dance. This hatching is in lakuakan above 7 pm. The place that used to show Kecak Fire Dance is Pura Dalem located on the Ubud highway, the location is quite magical for this show.

Shopping at Ubud Market

The location is quite strategic because it is in front of downtown Ubud. Many things you can do in Ubud market, you can shopping by typical Balinese, such as traditional clothes, sculptures, paintings and other artwork. Shopping in Ubud market you can bargain goods easily, hehe usually during the day Ubud market a lot of foreign tourists visit.

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