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Sea Walker Bali Water Sport – Woww … !!!! Exploring the underwater world with depths of up to 8 meters will be a new experience for those of you who have never participated in the Sea Walker Bali Water Sport tour program. Of course you will be addicted to those who have already, because you can walk on the seabed, but instead of swimming, you will be surrounded by various types of extraordinary exotic fish and diversity of underwater life. You will also meet many other types of Bali water sports here.Have you ever tried to walk on the sea floor? Try with us to do it. Get an unforgettable and unique experience by walking on the seabed with a depth of up to 8 meters and feeling all the beauty of the underwater environment that is truly fascinating.

Sensation of the Sea Walker Bali Water Sport

Indeed, this Bali water sport marine tourism activity is quite a unique activity, you as a participant from this seawalker do not have to have special skills, do not have to be smart or even swim.

Then what is needed? You have enough courage to try this activity, this one marine tourism activity is not only for adults, but also children with a minimum age limit of 9 years and above can already enjoy one of these maritime tours.

So this activity can be one of your family tourism activities in Bali that is very exciting with different sensations. And if you want other underwater tours that are equally exciting in Bali, then you can also try cheap Bali water sport tours.

Cheap Water Sport Location in Bali

One of the locations that we recommend in Bali for water sports is Tanjung Benoa, which is one of the famous places for water sports lovers. Cheap Bali watersports will provide the best service at the most economical price compared to other water tourism providers in Bali.

So many cheap watersport activities in Bali that we are offering, for example Jet Ski, Donut Boat, Banana Boat, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Diving, Sea Walker, Banana Bout, Glass bottom bout to turtle island, adveture parasailing, fly fish and many more another. choose our water sport package, minimum 3 activity and minimum 2 people, get our price which includes free hotel pickup. Of course your satisfaction is our priority. How? Interested, right?

Price Sea Walker

Facilities and Fees

Cheap watersports in Bali will provide attractive tour packages that are Ocean SeaWalker, Parasailing Adventure, Banana Boat and many more. All of that you will get here is a series of activities with a very cheap budget.

This tour package includes hotel pickup, including taxes, equipment and services, you will also get insurance at any time there are unwanted events, and of course equipment and equipment when you walk on the seabed. However, if you don’t want to take the package with other items, you can.

How? Quite clear isn’t it? Surely all the details we describe above can provide instructions for those of you who want to visit Bali. You need to know too, that the Bali water sport sea walker is currently a type of tourism that is in great demand by foreign tourists and domestic tourists. Let’s visit Bali. For reservations, please open our website at Phone / WhatsApp +6285237146444.

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