Bali Fly Boat Water Sport

Flying board tanjung benoa bali

Bali Fly Boat Water Sport – Hello travelers … !!! have you gone to Bali? Indonesia’s paradise with millions of charming tours. Moreover, water tourism is very interesting to visit. Lots of exciting water sports offered at various marine tourism rides in Bali. Check out our review below!

Well, one of the water tours we mean is a fly boat tour. This one water sport will give its own experience, you can fly above the surface of the water like the superheroes on those televisions. Is the newest water sports attraction that you can find on the Island of the Gods of Bali.

Fun to Bali Fly Boat Water Sport

This fly boat is indeed the newest bali water sport offered for tourists. The popularity of this one water game has increased dramatically. Because the Fly boat will bring the wearers to be able to fly above the water surface up to a height of 5 meters.

If the wearer is an expert and experienced, then it can fly above sea level to a height of 10 meters. Which becomes interesting again, this is done by using water boost power. Very beautiful and exciting, of course, feel the sensation of this one Bali water sport.


Flying Board Tanjung Benoa Bali
Jet Ski Bali Water Sport

Things to Look For When Riding the Bali Water Sport Fly Boat

Before riding the fly boat, of course the tourists will be taught first. For those who have never tried to calm down !! Learning to control a fly boat is not as difficult as we might often imagine. Even from tourists, many admit that learning to use fly boats is very easy. As long as you follow all the instructions given by our instructors. So don’t plant a fear mindset first guys.

This fly boat allows the wearer to fly above the surface of the water because of the jet-ski engine that can emit water with up to 200 pk of power. With the jet-ski engine, fly boat users can try various exciting attractions. Of course you can do this if you are an expert.

This fly boat can not only be used to fly, you can also use it for swimming or you can also dive in the water for a short time.
This water sport is also open to all groups. Not only limited to men. However, women or children who are curious about fly boats can also try it. Especially for children, there will be instructors who accompany. Don’t worry, you can also find cheap water sports in Bali.

Cheap Bali Tariffs Water Sport

Well, if you think the picture above is enough. Then we will explain the details of facilities and prices that you can redeem to enjoy the water tourism. You can find cheap Bali water sports here. The price is very affordable and can be satisfied for 20 minutes.

In addition, you can also choose from a variety of cheap water sport packages in Bali that we have provided. Of course with the package we provide, you will be able to enjoy other water tourism rides too. The package price includes tax and service, insurance, equipment and fly boat equipment and hotel transfer returns.

If there are difficulties, don’t forget to contact us and visit our website let’s go to Bali to enjoy the Bali Water Sport Fly Boat activity.

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