What to Do after Bali Water Sport

Jet Ski bali water sport

What to Do after Bali Water Sport – What will you do after your mesmerizing Bali Water Sport with full of physicalworks? Some of you might to have the full fun day in the beach until the sun is down. Just like the yin and yang of the harmonious life balance, but you might need to calm down. As, water sport activities usually pump up your adrenaline, prepare your body fitness and shout loud. Tanjung Benoa offers numerous Bali Water Sport activities such as parasailing, jetski, banana boat, water ski and others. In addition, Bukit Peninsula serves the best and most wanted surfing becausethe breaks and reefs are challenging. Since Bali has various coasts to discover and great underwater scenes, do not miss to visit Nusa Lembongan Island. Here, the famous and home island of turtles is easily to reach from Tanjung Benoa. Witness the lifecycle of turtles in their natural habitat and preservation measures conducted. Continue reading “What to Do after Bali Water Sport”

Sea Walker Bali Water Sport

Sea Walker Nusa Lembongan

Sea Walker Bali Water Sport – Woww … !!!! Exploring the underwater world with depths of up to 8 meters will be a new experience for those of you who have never participated in the Sea Walker Bali Water Sport tour program. Of course you will be addicted to those who have already, because you can walk on the seabed, but instead of swimming, you will be surrounded by various types of extraordinary exotic fish and diversity of underwater life. You will also meet many other types of Bali water sports here.Have you ever tried to walk on the sea floor? Try with us to do it. Get an unforgettable and unique experience by walking on the seabed with a depth of up to 8 meters and feeling all the beauty of the underwater environment that is truly fascinating. Continue reading “Sea Walker Bali Water Sport”

Bali Fly Boat Water Sport

Flying board tanjung benoa bali

Bali Fly Boat Water Sport – Hello travelers … !!! have you gone to Bali? Indonesia’s paradise with millions of charming tours. Moreover, water tourism is very interesting to visit. Lots of exciting water sports offered at various marine tourism rides in Bali. Check out our review below!

Well, one of the water tours we mean is a fly boat tour. This one water sport will give its own experience, you can fly above the surface of the water like the superheroes on those televisions. Is the newest water sports attraction that you can find on the Island of the Gods of Bali. Continue reading “Bali Fly Boat Water Sport”

Tanjung Benoa Watersport Bali

Jet Ski bali water sport

Tanjung Benoa Watersport Bali – Do you like water game activities? Let’s Try Tanjung Benoa Watersport Bali Cheap And For those of you who like the water sports Tanjung Benoa Watersport Bali can be the right choice when visiting Bali island. Many indeed cannot travel to Bali because the costs are quite expensive. wait … make no mistake you can use the tour package in Bali with M Bali Watersport. Continue reading “Tanjung Benoa Watersport Bali”

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan- Hay the readers, who does not know bali? very many tourist destinations in Bali but for this time I will not discuss about Bali but an island in Bali, yes,. exactly sure you have in mind is the beach, to this time we will discuss about one of the beach is still beautiful with the blue sea and white sand and coral reef that formed a very beautiful natural decorate the creation of God. Beach it is Nusa Lembongan dream beach, the beach is now femaus among foreign tourists and tourists from Local as well. Continue reading “Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan”

Fun Scotter on the Bali Ocean

Fun Scotter on the Bali Ocean

Get wet and new activities with Fun Scooter Under Water in bali ocean.

Get your watersport experience by trying our new game called Scooter Under Water. If you are lovers of water sports like diving, snorkeling and seawalker means you should try this game and feel the sensation of Scooter Under Water that there is only one in Bali that is at M Bali Water Sport. Please come and find out the sensation you get while driving under water with a duration of 15 to 20 minutes of course with guidance from a well experienced instructors. No special skills or equipment are needed to control it, you do not need to know how to swim and it is very easy to use.


USD 85/ person
Minimun 2 person participant

Packages Condition

1.All packages activities included : activities equipment, loker, shower, towel, chaging room and insurance cover from 10 year old till 60 year old.

2.Free hotel transfer will provide for guest staying in kuta, seminyak, legian, nusa dua, tanjung benoa and jimbaran area, extra charge transport guest stay out from area mentioned.

3.Hotel Transfer is free if your hotel located in a bove area

What To Bring

  1. Change of clothes, swimming costume and sun cream.
  2. Payment method by cash or credit card on that day [ no deposit
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Private Bali Driver

Private Bali Driver

So many things you can do with your family on your holiday in Bali like visiting favorite tourist places in Bali. M Bali Watersport also provide Bali Car Chater transportation service and Private Bali Driver. Our Drivers will make it easy and serve you during your holiday in Bali island. Our Bali Drivers are well experienced with friendly, courteous, polite and always happy to serve you wherever you go. Choose the site you want to visit, Bali Driver Service we always give you a good solution and make it easier for you to arrange your itineraries. M Bali Watersport also provides airport transfer service, airport drop off as well with very cheap price. So, do not hesitate to contact our Bali Driver Service, please select below the car you want to use during your holiday in Bali island.

Car Private Bali Driver

  • Toyota Avansa: USD 35/ car with 6 seater
  • Diatsu Xenia: USD 35/ car with 6 seater
  • Suzuki APV: USD 35/ car with 7 seater
  • Toyota Inova: USD 65/ car with 6 seater
  • Izusu ELP 12 seat: USD 85/ minibus
  • Izusu ELP 17 seat: USD 95/ minibus
  • Toyota Hiace 16 seat: USD 95/ minibus
  • Toyota Alpard USD 175/ car. 6 seater


Included in tour price are:

  • English speaking drivers
  • Comfortable air-conditioned
  • Petrol included
  • Toll and parking fees included
  • Flexible time ( Depending on the agreement)
  • Special Arrangement to carry big groups


  • All Entrance fees
  • Meal
  • Personal Expenses
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Bali Swimming with Sharks

Bali Swimming with Sharks

Bali Swimming with Sharks is the latest package from Mbaliwatersport.com in the allotment for tourists who want to test the adrenaline level during the holidays in Bali, maybe this package is not so popular in Bali, because newly introduced in Bali. Captive Shark is founded by Paul Friese who is a former Shark coach, to protect the habitats of these endangered animals.

Enjoy Bali Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks may be a new experience during a holiday in Bali, the firing is made with a high level of security, so tourists can see firsthand and swim along with Sharks known for their ferocity in the vast ocean. Bali Swimming with Sharks can be done by all ages from adult, orng older even to children as learning media.

For Bali Swimming with Sharks package is open from 7 am to 3 pm located in Serangan Island Denpasar Bali which is close to Captive breeding Turtle and horse playing area by the beach. So there is no harm in trying Bali Swimming with Sharks this time in Bali with friends or family.


  • Adult : USD 100
  • Child : USD 90
  • Children under 5 are free

Tour Includes :

  • Shark Swim
  • Sharks Feeding
  • TEC- Turtle Education Center ( hatchery)
  • Free Return transfer hotel and Lunch indonesian food.
Booking Form

Object Tourism Nusa Lembongan


Object Tourism Nusa Lembongan – Getting to know more of Nusa Lembongan’s attractions, then you are obliged to spend some time and visit this island to explore the various natural beauty that is offered including the local culture. Among the 3 outermost islands of Bali province, Nusa Lembongan is experiencing the best tourism development, supporting infrastructure is more complete than Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Various types of lodging offered by this island, from the cheapest classes to luxury resorts, everything can be found easily, let alone a small area, so it can make it easier for tourists to visit various interesting things. Continue reading “Object Tourism Nusa Lembongan”