3 Bali water sports are the most liked in Bali


3 Bali water sports are the most liked in Bali – Make your holidays cool, exciting and fun try the Bali water sport activities rides guaranteed andrenalin will increase and your holiday will be more enjoyable that will not be forgotten, and will not be complete if your holiday in Bali have not tried this one Bali Watersport activities. Guaranteed to be exciting! In addition to the natural beauty of the underwater, beaches and natural panorma, which always make the tourists more and more amazed, and will not be complete if you visit BALI before trying this one rides.

Here are 3 choices of water sports

Parasailing Tanjung Benoa

Who does not want to try this very challenging water activity, this water tour we should try to avoid our curiosity. This water tour uses a parachute because we fly and then plunge in the ocean. Water tourism in question is parasiling which is very in demand by foreign tourists or local tourists. If we play this game like a free fly like a bird that is in the sea flying in the air we can also see the beauty of the ocean view from above. At the time of playing this parasailing using a parachute pulled by a speed boat around the beach around the beach.

Up the parasailing we do not need skills like parachutist as usual also do not need to ride airplane, this parachute will fly by itself when we pulled by speed boat will expand itself. The parachute used in this game is highly customized to our weight and we are also briefed before playing this parasailing which aims to be safe for travelers who are parasailing tours. Tourists also do not need to worry that all used equipment is safe because of course berstandar international. And also do not worry the budget dikelaurkan course cheap and cheap again ordering online is recommended different from the order price location is already purcash only for tourists who visit. But in ordering online also must be careful of fraud we should be able to select a trusted website that is safe and licensed by the Indonesian government.

Price Parasailing

Flying Fish

Fly Fish Bali Water SportWhichever one does not want to try the Flying Fish water game game. Of course this water tour should we try and not to be missed before we regret after arriving home. Flying fish water tour is very trigger our adrenaline because we are brought flying after boarding a boat resembling a fish. Boat-like fish is formed by Banana Boat also with 3 boat-shaped rubber fish. But unlike the Banana Boat that can be climbed by 6 people, this Flying Fish can only be climbed a maximum of 3 people only. Fly up this fish we need a guide. This guide also serves as a driver to the Flying Fish boat.

This guide is highly trained and also experienced so that boarding Fyling Fish Rubber Boat is very safe. The position of people who ride Flying Fish is different unlike the Banana boat that just have to sit alone, up the Flying Fish we can be like being on a motorcycle or also sleeping. It is perfect to try to board a rubber boat that resembles this fish with family, friends and also our spouse. We can ride this rubber boat resembling a fish of course with a very cheap price and very affordable. Moreover the list of this water tourism game is united with Tour Packages in Bali and will be cheaper if booked through online through our website.

Price Flying Fish

Banana Boat

Banana Boat Tanjung Benoa
Who is not familiar with this one water tour this game is no stranger in all circles that is Banana Boat with a rubber boat shaped like a banana we can sit on it while sliding quickly. Banana Boat tour is very exciting and exciting. We should try to play this Banana Boat tour we will be more happy then than that also we do not miss to play this Banana Boat, we do not need the expertise to be able to swim and no need to fear tenggalam because before climbing this Banana Boat we’ve hit the jacket Buoys when we fall we will also float, especially ride this Banana Boat we will not go around the ocean until far enough spin or circle around the beauty of the beach. Ride Banana Boat this can trigger our adrenaline article we are pulled by a boat that drove quickly we also have to hold on so as not to fall. Surely up the Banana Boat is very safe for us is already safe because it is managed by experienced in the field. To be able to ride this Banana Boat we do not need to spend a high budget because if we booked Tour Package in Bali is included listed in it. The price of this Tout package is also fairly affordable for all people so do not be afraid to spend the contents of our pockets. We can feel a cheap holiday in Bali by booking a holiday package that is already available with a special price and affordable.

Price Banana Boat

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